Full Title
Memorandum of Understanding between the Republic of the Philippines and Australia relating to the Zamboanga Del Sur Development Project Phase II in the Philippines. Signed in Manila, 11 November 1981.
Short Title
Treaties, etc. Australia, 1981 Nov. 11
Philippine Treaty Series No.
Philippine Treaty Series Volume
Title in Philippine Treaties 1946-2010
AUSTRALIA Zamboanga del Sur Development Project Phase II Memorandum of Understanding signed in Manila 11 November 1981 With Annexes: I, II, III, IV, V, & VI; Entered into force 11 November 1981.
Date Signed
Date Entered Into Force
As per Philippine Treaty Series, date entered into force: 11 November 1981. There is a similar treaty in Supreme Court e-library, the link is: https://elibrary.judiciary.gov.ph/thebookshelf/showdocs/35/12096, the title is "AMENDMENTS TO ZAMBOANGA DEL SUR DEVELOPMENT PROJECT PHASE II MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (ZDSP-II MOU) ACCEPTABLE TO THE AUSTRALIAN AND PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENTS" and signed 23 November 1984.