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To : Maj. General Gaudencio Tobias (Ret.)
General Manager
National Housing Authority
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June 19, 1978

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Letter of Instruction No. 709, s. 1978

Signed on June 19, 1978



TO: Maj. General Gaudencio Tobias (Ret.)
General Manager
National Housing Authority

Reports of subdivision residents organizing protest marches to dramatize the seriousness of water shortage in their subdivisions indicate an unacceptable degree of care and earnestness on the part of some subdivision owners or developers in the planning and management of their residential projects. The case concerning such aggrieved residents in a subdivision of the Modecar Realty in San Mateo, Rizal reported by the newspapers in by no means an isolated one. Similar cases of water shortage or inadequate lighting and other facilities have been brought to the attention of my Office.

Effective immediately, no authority shall be granted by the National Housing Authority to develop a subdivision and sell lots or dwelling units therein unless proof is shown of the preparedness of the owner or developer to install adequate water supply, lighting facilities and other standard services and safeguards. The National Housing Authority is hereby directed to ensure at all times that plans for the development of subdivisions provide for such adequate facilities and that the plans are carried out fully.

In every case, and at every stage of the development of a subdivision, the National Housing Authority shall be held responsible for ensuring that the capacity to supply water and the other services cited above never falls below the requirements of the residents.

In the meantime, you are directed to investigate the complaints of residents of Modesta Village in San Mateo, Rizal with a view to enforcing the intent of these Instructions, and to submit a report thereon to me without delay.

Done in the City of Manila, this 19th day of June, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-eight.

President and Prime Minister
of the Philippines


Source: Official Gazette